Welcome to Simplified Mind! This is where I share my journey about simplifying my life by decluttering my thoughts and actions. I believe that the essence of being more productive is having mental clarity. I want to do less of the things that don’t matter and be more focused on the present. Identifying the ‘WHYs” of action brings an awareness that will allow us to have mental clarity about the things that we do.

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In my journey of simplifying my life through my thought process, I apply most of the principles I am learning from Minimalism, Essentialism, Existentialism with the integration of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Darwin Cruz is a passionate teacher, compassionate counselor, writer, and public speaker. He is skilled in his craft and often conducts training and workshops at schools, churches, and various organizations to share his expertise in coaching, teaching, discipleship, and counseling. Currently, he works as a Care Pastor at Vanguard Transformation Partners where he conducts weekly services, counseling sessions, and Bible-based training workshops to turn people’s hearts and minds towards God. 

In addition, he serves as a pastor at Christian Gospel Center-Bilog, where he preaches and provides counseling to help people unlock their God-given potential by helping them understand the importance of their identity hidden in Christ. Darwin believes in a holistic approach in his counseling practice wherein he uses an eclectic model of deconstruction and construction of beliefs and values. He works best in counseling working adults, young adults, and young couples. 

He expresses his thoughts about mindfulness, productivity, and intentional living on his blog at simplifiedmind.net and often makes some of his contributions to thelearningdadblog.com. Darwin is also passionate about the world of technology and leverages the tools to promote mindfulness and personal productivity. Hence, he also integrates his wide library of knowledge to the latest tech trends into his psycho-education and how it shapes human behavior. Some of his known workshops are: 

  • Digital Minimalism – Living an Intentional Life in the Digital Age
  • Usap Tayo – Effective Communication within the Family
  • Making Things Right With The Ones You Love – Relationship dynamics and conflict management within the family
  • S.Y.S.T.E.M. – Developing mental fortitude in dealing with stress

Darwin is a teacher who has been heavily involved in the ministry of the Word and discipleship. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics for Teachers from Philippine Normal University and worked as a Mathematics and Bible Teacher at Grace Christian College. He also began teaching at FEBIAS College of Bible as a part-time instructor to serve the next generation of Christian leaders. In order to further improve his counseling and pastoral ministry skills, he earned his Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Alliance Graduate School, carrying his desire to be in the service of Christ.

I discovered Minimalism last 2016 when life has been too challenging for me. I was working as a Math teacher when I started my journey to pursuing my master’s in counseling. Things have been very tough since a lot of things in my life have happened and I need a proper headspace to process my own healing journey as I am learning to become a wounded healer. Minimalism has allowed me to ask difficult questions in my life that lead me to a deeper understanding of myself.

“How might your life be better with less?” – The Minimalists

It has been a question that I ask myself until today. Minimalism has truly added immense value to my life which led me to be more mindful of what I take into my life. As I have pursued minimalism, I have learned to let go of the things that don’t add value to my life as I started seeing clearly the things that I truly value.

Relationships. Health. Creativity. Growth. Contribution.

Having mental clarity about what I truly value led me to be more mindful and focused on where my life is heading.

I hope you will find value in my journey. If you want to stay connected with me, you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter as I update my blog.