Boredom Sparks Creativity: What I Did This Season of Boredom

Boredom sparks creativity

Boredom sparks creativity.

When you are bored in the house and you’re in the house bored, you are not alone. During these lockdown period, it is common that we experience boredom. Here are some things that I would like to share with you that I did these past few weeks:

Learn a new skill

During the time that we are still able to do our regular day-to-day tasks at work, we often complain that we don’t have time for self-improvement or growth. Wether is is a very simple skill such as learning a new musical instrument, cooking, or knitting. It is so much better than having nothing at all. Acquiring a new skill is difficult to start but it is really worthwhile once you have learned it.

Read a book

Most people are already into reading even before the quarantine period started. There are a lot of books that we keep pushing off to read. Go into your shelf, pick a book you like and start reading. If you find it difficult to read because you have not done it for quite a while, just start reading the first chapter. I think, every book deserves a chance by just reading the first chapter. If it sparks your interest, you might see yourself holding the book for a longer period of time. 

Clean and Declutter your stuff

I know most people are quite familiar now with the word “minimalism”. If your regular work schedule before hinders you to minimize or declutter your stuff because you don’t have time, then maybe today is the perfect time to start. You don’t have to overturn your whole house in an instant or within just a day. You may start decluttering a specific area of your home first (e.g. Kitchen, Living Room, etc.). 

During the time I started decluttering and minimizing my stuff, I experienced a sense of accomplishment and mental clarity. I hope you would it the same.

Declutter your Phone and Computer (Digital minimalism)

Now is also the perfect time to evaluate our tools on our glowing screens. I am sure that there are apps on your phone that are being left unused that you have just ignored. However, these apps are consuming space on your phone’s memory. I have discovered digital minimalism last year and applied it in my life. I have witnessed a drastic improvement in my productivity and focus ever since I remove apps that I don’t use or rarely use on my phone. Being intentional on what we install on our phones help us to re-evaluate our digital tools wether it adds value to our lives or just distract us from what is truly valuable

Not only on our smartphones, but also on our computers. When was the last time you have cleared your desktop? I am pretty sure that there were times that when we are working we just dumped everything that we are working on our home screen or desktop. It is a great time to organize your files on your computer so that you might be able to access your files easily the next time you might look for it. 

Pursue a side hustle

I started this blog not as a side hustle, but I wanted to create something worthwhile during quarantine period. We are uncertain of what the future holds, but today is the perfect time to spark your creativity and probably think of way how you can contribute to the world. Contribution is much more significant than just simply being motivated on how to earn money on your side-hustles. Remember that solving problems is much more important than just being able to make money out of it. Earning through a side hustle just follows after we have our motives in check. 

Develop good habits (and break bad ones)

You might be asking why is it the proper time to build habits when it is so difficult even to know what day is it. We can make this lockdown work to our advantage by building good habits or even overcoming bad ones. Habits are developed once we consistently do things over and over again. Since we are just staying at home and probably following a certain set of routines, I believe it is the perfect time to develop habits. Wake up each morning at the same time, write, read, exercise (at home). 

The difficult part would be breaking bad habits since it would be much easier to just binge watch all day in Netflix or something else. However, if we just simply succumb into consuming media all day, then we might miss the opportunity to develop ourselves so that when the quarantine life has already been lifted, we can come back better and stronger. 

I hope these things would help you invest some time of being bored at home during these period that we are all staying at home.